NayaSavera is created to reinforce responsible journalism in digital world and is dedicated to promote Peace and Pacifism, Amity and Accord, Compassion and Coexistence with Tolerance and Togetherness in the society.

NayaSavera is a new center of hope for journalism. This new stride in journalism is designed to educate, inform and create awareness that helps decision making among the readers especially the Indian masses who are losing hope due to fear and pressure in place of creating a sense of trust and fearlessness.

NayaSavera is designed to develop high quality online source of accurate information that reflects variety of opinions and result oriented meaningful discussions about development of democratic society in India, so instant news reports, analytical materials, reviews and comments are collected and produced in a high professional way.

NayaSavera is here to promote balanced and unbiased journalism and refuse to be hijacked by any individual or organization.

This news portal aims to reach wider sections of society with its original, unbiased, true and educative stories, articles, interviews and videos among other things constantly.

NayaSavera strives to offer sensible reporting in public interest and abide by the high ethics that govern true journalism.

NayaSavera will also serve as a learning platform for emerging journalistic talent in the three languages as has been conceived by us. The newer generation will be provided an opportunity to excel in technology and Technic through this broad-based platform.

It is headquartered in Delhi and has a team of well-known professionals who have left their imprints in journalism and regarded as living legends.

Local issues are as important to this portal as national and international affairs. Arab world, Muslim states, neighborhood, West Asia, Europe, USA and the rest of the world is targeted for enlightening viewers.


News in NayaSavera is available 24*7 with related commentaries, interviews, analysis supported by videos and still photos.

Nayasavera provides subscription for online news data base news subscription allows to have real time coverage of issues and events all over India and across Indian subcontinent throughout the day to help them in educated and enlightened decision making process. The subscription also enables access to closed, behind the walls compartment of the web site that includes archive and account management system.

Ads placements on the NayaSavera web sites pages is the commercial service for businesses and organizations. There are two Ads products: Banners and Context Ads. Ads can be placed for certain time and number of views. So it offers an opportunity to the advertisers to rely on this proper andFlawless platform.