Bhubaneswar: Bhadrak born Supreme Court Lawyer and Social Activist Radhakanta Tripathy has been appreciated by the India Book of Records recently for his effort in spreading awareness on two important aspects of Life. One the place of Rest and another the place of Neighbours in human life. Recognising his effort to dedicate a day for the “Neighbours” and for “Rest” and the India Book of Records appreciated in its 2018 and 2019 editions respectively.

His idea to dedicate a day for Rest has been celebrated on 30th December each year. Being the founder of “Universal Neighbourhood Day”, that has been celebrated on 15th October every year, Tripathy propagates duties and responsibilities for the neighbours. Last year he celebrated the day with the villagers of DAGAMUNDA LEPROSY COLONY in Bhadrak district of Odisha. This village is a non-descript village where the head of families of eighteen families suffer from Leprosy. All the villagers are Landless Poor and belong to Scheduled Tribe Community. Tripathy not only brought smiles in the face of the villagers by celebrating the day with the villagers but also instrumental in ensuring land rights to the Landless BPL villagers.

A School Building and an Anganwadi center has been running in the Village for all the BPL, tribal villagers. Not only this, Lakhs of voiceless and remediless people in India might not have known him personally nor have heard from the media, but he has crossed ten thousand mark in filing human rights cases before the National Human Rights Commission of India. Thousands of nameless villagers of Assam, Inhabitants suffering from Lack of basic amenities in the remote villagers of India have been witnessing ray of justice without knowing him personally.

He could bring law into action in cases of Deaths due to manhole, electrocution, man-animal conflict, Starvation or mal-nutrition etc. across India. Out of twelve thousand cases, substantial cases relate to the denial and deprievation of basic human rights of the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Poor, Marginal and destitute living in the remote part of Odisha. Even if none has paid a penny for his endeavour, his tireless effort made social justice a reality. Another day in the field of environment protection “World Clay Day” has already been recognised by the Limca Book of Records. The day has been celebrated since 2010 on 16th June each year.

Celebrating these days with his idea and concept brings a new dimension of human existence in the universe. The innumerable contribution of Tripathy in the service of mankind shall remain a fountain of inspiration for the future generation.